Microsoft Access Tips for Casual Users

Provided by Allen Browne

Introduction to Hyperlink fields

Access 97 introduced this field type for storing links to files on:

A hyperlink entry contains three parts separated by pound signs (#). The template is:

    display text # file name # any reference within the file

Use the Insert menu to add a hyperlink entry, and Access takes care of the three parts. Only the "display text" part of the field is shown, and clicking on the field executes the link.

So how can you view its full contents or edit the field?

  1. Click the attached label, to move the cursor into the hyperlink field. (If the field has no label, use the Tab key.)
  2. Press F2 to edit the field. All three parts of the hyperlink are displayed for editing.

Some examples may help show how this works:

Hyperlink Contents Displays When Clicked
My photo#c:\pix\photo.bmp# My photo Loads picture into MS Paint.
SS data#ss.xls#Sheet 1!G9 SS data Loads spreadsheet into Excel, selecting cell G9.
Do labels#\\jane\pub\label.doc# Do labels Loads the network document into WinWord.
Edit Clients##Clients Edit Clients Opens Clients form in current database (no file specified).
Sales info##Query Sales Sales info Runs the Sales query in the current database.*
IBM# IBM Loads your web browser and opens the URL. Loads your web browser, assuming prefix of "http://".

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